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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers 

Transportation & Roads

Q.  Spring has arrived and I’m wondering when the street sweeper will be cleaning my road?

A.  John Czerniawski, City of Peterborough Operations Supervisor of the Public Works Department states:

Spring sweeping operations have started. Each year we rotate the starting point for street and sidewalk sweeping operations. Last year (Spring 2018) we began with the south end, this year (Spring 2019) we have started in east city moving counter clock wise around the city. Our sweeping operations take appropriately 6 weeks to complete from start to finish (weather depending). A second round of sweeping follows to touch up and collect any remaining sand where cars or deliver vehicles may have been parked. Arterial roads and our central/ DBIA area of town are swept at night.

This time of year it is important that home owners avoid putting their garbage or recycling on the sidewalk or road. By doing so they avoid the possibility of the sand not being swept in front of their home.

Q.  If a road has bike lanes, does that give it a higher priority in the hierarchy for plowing?

A.  A bike lane holds the same classification as the road it is adjacent to.   An example is George St. which is a Class 3 road & therefore the bike lane is also Class 3.  Each route is set up to plow the road & bike lane.

Bylaws: Pets

Q.  There are no garbage cans along the path I walk my dog. What do I do with my dog’s poop bag? 

A.  According to Section 8.7 of the City of Peterborough, Animal By-Law’s,  the owner of a dog shall dispose of any excrement and its bags in a proper garbage can either along the trail, or at home.

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