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Meet Kim

Otonabee Ward, Meet Kim

Councillor Kim Zippel is a wife, mother, business woman, volunteer, and community advocate. A longtime resident of Otonabee Ward, Kim moved to Peterborough in 1994 with her husband, Mark, because they were attracted to the city’s natural environment and its cultural amenities. They have one son, Keith, who is currently serving with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Cartoon of Kim and Mark Zippel in hard hats and an industrial backdrop

Kim and Mark co-own Zippel Integrated Process Solutions Ltd., a local consulting firm that provides oversight for major industrial projects. Previously, Kim was employed by Ontario Power Generation where she became the first woman to be certified as a Control Room Operator at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. She is currently working towards an Honours BSc. in Environmental and Resource Science at Trent University.Kim sits at the operating panel in the control room of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

A believer in community service, Kim is active with a number of civic and environmental organizations. She is a Special Olympics soccer coach and volunteers with the Prince of Wales Student Breakfast Program. As co-founder of Peterborough’s Harper Park Stewardship Initiative, Kim has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues that threaten the health of the park’s wetland and creek.

Kim with PFN president receiving the Lola Leach award. There is a banner with a snowy owl in the background.Previously, Kim sat on the boards of the Peterborough Field Naturalists and the Bequia Mission, volunteered in several capacities for the Peterborough Regional Science Fair, and was a member of the Rotary Club of Peterborough. 

In 2016, the city Of Peterborough recognized Kim’s volunteer work with a Community Betterment Award. She is also the recipient of the 2017 Lola Leach Award from the Peterborough Field Naturalists in recognition of her loyal club service. Schooled in the ‘what if’ culture of the nuclear industry, her questioning attitude, and attention to detail, bring a high level of organization to all of her projects.  Kim is a pragmatic decision-maker, who relies on the facts. She is as an exceptional team builder, nurturing relationships that connect the contributions and skills of all stakeholders in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

In the fall of 2018, Kim was elected as one of two councillors in Otonabee Ward 1 and she  is is looking forward to being your representative for the next 4 years!

Kim’s Council Appointments

The City of Peterborough operates on a  weak mayoral system, meaning the mayor holds no veto power over the elected councillors, but rather is another voting member. Councillors are assigned appointments by the mayor to serve or act as representatives on Committees, Portfolios and Boards for a one-year term ending this year on November 30th, 2019. 

The following are the files within Kim’s portfolios.

  • Chair, Environment and Climate Change
  • Vice-Chair of Fire Services 

The following are Advisory Committees Kim serves on. 

  • Boundary Committee
  • Citizen Appointment Selection Committee
  • Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Liaison Committee with Fleming College 

The following are Boards Kim serves on. 

  • Otonabee Region Conservation Authority 

The following are Working Groups that Kim serves on.

  • Watershed Coordinating Committee
Otonabee Ward 1