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The OW1 site employs accessibility features that we hope you will find helpful, for example: 

  • the toolbar located on the left edge of your browser window contains high contrast & font enlargement selections that can be toggled on & off; and
  • your keyboard tab button can be used to navigate through page links, highlighting  each link, including those in the righthand sidebar, with a high contrast outline.  Using the shift and tab keys together will reverse your navigation through site links so that you can go backup if needed.

Unfortunately, our map & home page picture slider do not meet accessibility guidelines at this time, but we are watching for upgrades!  You will not see the ward map if you are viewing with high contrast enabled & the homepage photos will be mostly covered over as the opaque text box changes to black in this mode.

If you have an issue using the site with your assistive technology, please contact us.

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