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Go Slow Ptbo Traffic Calming Pilot Project

Keeping our community safer with #GoSlowPtbo One of the key issues that I have heard about consistently from constituents is the need to find a way to keep our neighbourhoods safer by encouraging drivers to slow down. I’m all about safe roads for everyone.  That is why I am launching the #GoSlowPtbo initiative to help … Continue reading Go Slow Ptbo Traffic Calming Pilot Project

Local council should be an open door to everyone who wants to lead

Sharing my thoughts on the Peterborough Examiner Story:   Clarke gives up his 2021 pay hike and urges fellow councillors to do the same Leadership comes in many forms, and irrespective of the motivation, taking the plunge to run for office is a big commitment. Municipal council is the most accessible level of government, often allowing … Continue reading Local council should be an open door to everyone who wants to lead

Information update during COVID-19


Key Community Contacts During COVID-19 


I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.  We will get through this together and I am looking forward to re-connecting with you in person once it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, in addition to links posted in Happening Now on the home page, I wanted to provide some contact information and phone numbers for you in case you need to reach these organizations, agencies, or services during the pandemic.  My goal is to keep this updated with new information all in one spot on my website so you can avoid taking time searching around for these helpful community resources.

Please contact me if there are other important numbers that you would like to see posted.


Contacting Local Police

For non-emergency issues in your neighbourhood that may or may not be related to COVID-19 such as potential violations of the Quarantine Act or the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act:  DO NOT CALL 911

Call the following numbers:

  • Peterborough Police Service non-emergency line: 705-876-1122
  • Ontario Provincial Police non-emergency line: 1-888-310-1122


Landlord/Tenant Issues

If you cannot resolve issues by speaking with your landlord or tenant:

Contact the Landlord Tenant Board at 1-888-332-3234.

Tenants can also call the Peterborough Community Legal Centre at 705-749-9355


Non-Essential Services

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Ontario government ordered the immediate, but temporary closure of all non-essential workplaces. A full list of essential workplaces which are allowed to stay open is available here

Companies and workplaces that have questions about this closure order can call Ontario’s Stop the Spread Business Information Line at 1-888-444-3659.


Employee Concerns Including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you have COVID-19 concerns or questions about your workplace or construction site, please call the Ministry of Labour’s Health and Safety Contact Centre at 1-877-202-0008.


Food Security Resources

A local food gateway has just been launched on a variety of social media platforms to help people get access to local food, during COVID-19, in the Peterborough region through Facebook, Twitter and a Website.


The Centennial Fountain and Climate Change

Ptbo’s Centennial Fountain and Climate Change As many of you will know, city council on January 15th passed a motion to reduce the operation of Peterborough’s Centennial Fountain changing the operating season from the current period of Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving, to a reduced period of Canada Day to Labour Day. The Centennial Fountain, … Continue reading The Centennial Fountain and Climate Change

Protecting Peterborough’s Heritage – Part 2

In Protecting Peterborough’s Heritage Part 2, let’s examine how property owners can proactively work with Peterborough’s Heritage Preservation Office (HPO) to help maintain the unique character of our city. Many older properties have a story to tell, and by listing your building on the Heritage Register you are taking an important first step in identifying … Continue reading Protecting Peterborough’s Heritage – Part 2

Protecting Peterborough’s Heritage

Protecting Peterborough’s heritage:  Part 1 With the recent discussion about heritage designations and preservation of heritage in the city of Peterborough, it is worth putting the issue in context to give everyone more information about this important topic. This is the first of a two-part feature on the subject.  In this Blog, we’ll focus on … Continue reading Protecting Peterborough’s Heritage

Got an issue or concern? Here is your best solution

Did you know there is a quick and easy way to let the city know if you have a concern or issue? Let’s say there’s a pothole on your street, a streetlight outage, or you have a question about recycling, or a tree problem. The city’s new website – – is your best and … Continue reading Got an issue or concern? Here is your best solution

It All Started in A Kitchen: Otonabee Ward PB

By Kim Zippel – It all started in a kitchen… Six women showed up with sweet treats and ideas to share. The impetus behind the gathering was a participatory budgeting (PB) orientation session given by the City of Peterborough three days prior. We six had decided to rise to the challenge of getting our neighbours, … Continue reading It All Started in A Kitchen: Otonabee Ward PB

Skating Outdoors in Stenson Park: Building a rink builds community too

By Kim Zippel – Two young men in their twenties are skating on an outdoor rink in Stenson Park near Fleming College.  When asked if they are college students, they reply in the negative, “We skated on this rink as kids, and came back to see if it was still as good as we remember”. … Continue reading Skating Outdoors in Stenson Park: Building a rink builds community too