Citizenship Unleashed: A public meeting about…a new kind of public meeting

By Ben Wolfe, Cheryl  Lyon, Ian Attridge, Cam Douglas –

What if we could reawaken citizenship, right here in Peterborough, so that it’s alive with possibility – and we actually feel like co-creators , restored to creative power in the neighbourhoods and communities we live in?

Logo for the citizenship unleashed meeting depicts lettering with a vine climbing through the letters of the word unleashed, and open manacles and chains symbolizing release.
A public meeting about…a new kind of public meeting. Connect – Communicate – Collaborate. Graphic design by Jocasta Boone.

Want to come and try something new?  A group of citizens is hosting an open meeting at the Peterborough Lions Community Centre from 7-9 pm  on November 12th.  You’re invited, and so is everyone you think might be looking for a new way.

Arrive a bit early.  Bring your curiosity and your highest hopes for what Peterborough can be.  Toss $10 in the kitty to help cover costs – we’re doing this together.  If you can’t bring $10, come anyway.  Your sense that you need to be there is worth a lot more than $10.  We want you there.

What might come out of it?  What would you like to make happen…?

How about…

  • Public meetings that work
  • Citizen leadership on the Official Plan
  • Lighting up the participatory budgeting process
  • Bringing 100 in 1 Day to Peterborough in the spring
  • Doing that project you’ve been dreaming of in your neighbourhood (you know the one!)

We are media makers, policy wonks, community leaders, facilitators.

None of that matters.  We are starting over.  This is about all of us sensing a way out of the fog of being stuck in old patterns.  This is our experiment together in using our skills and tools in a different way.

This citizen-led gathering came out of the “Citizenship Unleashed” circle of the Peterborough Dialogues.  We’re gathering in the spirit of the Dialogues –and similar awakenings of shared leadership all over the world.

Different means different.  This gathering will not be a place to…

Blame and complain.  Convince, rather than discover.  Come up with brilliant things…for other people to do.

Questions?  Email us and let’s chat!


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