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DelaFosse Improvements to the Story Corner

Team leader: Kim Zippel

Project #2016-W1-001

The DelaFosse story corner. Steps lead down to a sunken floor space in front of a fireplace. The fireplace is located on a brown brick wall with wooden sunburst rays in orange and yellow radiating out from a central point the may once have held a clock. Off to the side, on the brick, are gold wooden letters that spell out story corner.
The DelaFosse Story corner was once a a leading edge library feature, but it has aged and is no longer a focal point for children’s programming.


Proposed improvements in order of priority

1.          Repaint the story area in a softer, lighter, natural colour

a)         Brick: In the area demarcated as the story area

b)         Slat ceiling: Also in the area demarcated as the story area

c)          Remove the current yellow and orange wooden decorations

2.          Lighting

a)         Upgrade to new fixtures

b)         Install new LED broad spectrum lights

3.          Create comfort coves out of the fireplace and wood storage niches  (this action requires investigation into the heritage value and perceived aesthetic value of the fireplace and wood storage alcove – community input is needed).

a)         De-commission fireplace

b)         Clean and pad interior of firebox & wood storage niche

c)          Size so that floor cushions can be stored in the newly created alcoves

4.          Purchase  8 “Carry Me” floor cushions to be stored in the comfort coves (Schoolhouse catalogue, approx. 4 for $100)

5.          Construct a slat style wall with hangers for displaying children’s artwork (more research required to determined design and cost)

6.          Purchase a puppet theatre (Schoolhouse theatre, $300)

7.          Purchase a loveseat furniture piece for the nook near the window for parents to read with child/children (ballpark $800)

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