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DelaFosse Branch Library Curb Appeal

Team leader:  Dennis Lavesque

Project #2016-W1-002

Photo shows the front of the DelaFosse Branch Library in winter. Snow is piled next to the wheelchair ramp, and the brown exterior looks tired and dull.
Street view of the DelaFosse Branch Library located at 729 Park Street South in Otonabee Ward, Peterborough.


Proposed improvements in order of priority

1.          Marquee Lettering

a)         Increase the size of the letters, and repaint them in a brighter colour

b)         Add lettering to the currently blank north side marquee that says, ‘Public Library’

2.          Outdoor information kiosk

a)         A wooden freestanding or wall mounted kiosk

b)         To display library hours, community events

c)          Remove the current ‘library hours’ sign under Plexiglas by the entrance door

3.          Art display on the north wall by the front entrance

a)         Possibly an abstract sculpture created in robust, weather hearty materials to be mounted on the wall

b)         A mural style, changeable art display, that can be mounted on a permanent billboard style structure attached to the wall

4.          Two large planters

a)         For seasonal plantings and arrangements

5.          Vestibule strip lighting

a)         Install strip lighting between the outer and inner doors in the entranceway to brighten the short hallway and make it safer

6.          Sand and paint the front entrance handrails

a)         The black paint is pealing from the handrails.

b)         Choose a colour that coordinates with other front yard changes


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