Environment and Climate Change Portfolio Update (Q1 2022)

As part of my role as the first Chair of the Environment and Climate Change portfolio at the City of Peterborough, I believe it’s important to share updates with my Council colleagues, City staff, and the community. I have started to create quarterly updates to outline what has been happening with different projects and initiatives, the Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee (PEAC), and any local community engagement. I also sit on and report back from the Ontario Climate Caucus, as well as share opportunities for us to collectively celebrate our earth and environment. 

I believe updates like this are an important part of the role of a Portfolio Chair, and it is my hope that others will be inspired to follow suit with their own updates! 

You can read the full update below, or click here to download it as a PDF document. Thanks for reading!

Black text reads 'Quarterly Environment and Climate Change Porfolio Update', on top of four side-by-side representative images - a composter, a cyclist, a forest, and solar panels
To: Peterborough City Council and Senior Staff
From: Councillor Kim Zippel, Chair of Environment and Climate Change
Date: April 10th, 2022
Re: Update on the Environment and Climate Change Portfolio – First Quarter 2022

In this first E & CC portfolio update I would like to highlight key initiatives by the PEAC, city projects progressed, and community engagement undertaken in this first quarter of 2022.

Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee (PEAC) Activities

  • Received Report PEAC22‐008: Implications of Natural Gas Power Plants on Meeting Action Targets. The report is in the April 11th GC agenda package and includes PEAC recommendations.
  • FYI: An informative Climate Initiatives update report is provided in the monthly PEAC agenda

Climate Action and Environmental Protection Projects

  • Our Watershed, Our Blueprint: Phase 3 is in progress; focused on targets, strategies, and engagement with the Coordinating Committee, the Technical Working Group and First Nations. A preliminary report to Council is planned for the July cycle, with a stakeholder workshop and community consultation occurring after the July Council meeting.
  • Home Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP): Engagement opportunities and feedback tools are on the ConnectPtbo webpage. Project goals include retrofitting 1,100 homes over 4 years with efficiency gains of 30% to 50% per home and co‐benefits to the local economy and trades. The Q1/Q2 focus is finance solutions and stakeholder engagement. The survey has been extended to May 9th; councillors can play a strong role in promoting uptake!

Community Engagement

  • A letter of support was provided to the Bird Friendly Peterborough Team as part of their application to Nature Canada for Peterborough’s certification as a Bird Friendly City.
  • The Climate Action at Home video series is now live! The series improves homeowners’ understanding of what should be considered when pursuing a home energy efficiency retrofit.

Ontario Climate Caucus (OCC)


  • April: Earth Week: April 18th‐22nd; Earth Day is April 22nd
  • May: Shifting Gears: Entire month of May; Migratory Bird Day is May 14th
  • June: National Indigenous History Month; National Pollinator Week: June 20th‐26th

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