Negotiating Ontario’s Proof of Vaccination Requirements

There is no doubt that keeping up with next steps in the evolving COVID-19 response is challenging! 

Given that the Ontario government has recently announced a September 22, 2021 start of an  “enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certification” system, I wanted to share information that will give you quick and easy access to your vaccination receipts, in addition to information from the province on what this will mean to your daily routine outside of the home.

Poster displayed at the vaccine clinics in Peterborough explaining the 4Ws: Wear a mask, Wash your hands, Watch your distance, and Wait for your 2nd Dose Appointment
Peterborough Public Health poster displayed at the vaccine clinics in Peterborough explaining the 4Ws

By October 22, 2021, the province has indicated that Ontarians will shift to certificates with ‘Quick Response’ (QR) codes;  a personalized code that works like a bar code,  and will contain all of the information needed to prove that you have been vaccinated.  On the other end of the system, staff in affected businesses and settings will be using a ‘verification application’ to read your QR code to verify that you are indeed vaccinated.  However, until we transition to the QR code style of proof, a vaccination receipt downloaded from the provincial website – see instructions and link below – will be required along with valid photo ID for entry into businesses or venues that have been identified under the new rules.

The province has provided some helpful answers to frequently asked questions about proof of vaccination which you can access here:  Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination in Ontario 

For a list of impacted businesses and settings, click here:  Settings Requiring Proof of Vaccination

Since the only constant these days is change, please be sure to check in frequently with credible resources such as our City-County-First Nations public health agency, Peterborough Public Health (PPH).  The most up-to-date and reliable information can be found at:  PPH COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Kim, after receiving her first vaccine, pointing to the Public Health sticker on her vest stating, 'I received my vaccine'.
Receiving your vaccine protects you and allows our medical professionals to focus on patients with other critical care needs.


I hope this helps.  Stay safe, and if you haven’t already, please get your COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible.



After you are vaccinated, you can log into the provincial portal to download and/or print an electronic COVID-19 vaccine receipt (PDF) for each dose you have received.

Receipts are available:

• For first and second doses received in Ontario (once you get them)
• Regardless of where you were vaccinated (for example, at a mass immunization clinic, hospital, pharmacy or primary health care setting)

Login to: COVID-19 Vaccination Portal 

To download vaccine receipt(s), you will need the following:

• A green photo health (OHIP) card (you will need numbers from both the front and back of the card, expired cards will be accepted)
• Date of birth
• Postal code

Steps to download receipt(s):

• Scroll to the bottom of the page and acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of use;
• Enter the requested personal information and press “Continue”;
• Select “Continue” under the header: “Vaccination Receipts”; and
• Click “Download the Receipt” for the desired vaccination date.

If you have a red and white health card, call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900. The call centre agent can email you a copy of your receipt.

Individuals in the following circumstances should contact their local public health unit for further information:

• Individuals without an Ontario health card (or who did not provide their Ontario health card at the time of vaccination) should contact public health for a copy of their receipt.
• Individuals who did not receive a Canadian-approved vaccine.
• Individuals who have received an out-of-province vaccination and have not yet contacted their local public health unit should do so to ensure their records are validated and recorded.
• Individuals who have questions or concerns about the information supporting their COVID-19 vaccine receipt.

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