Where the Water Flows: Scott’s Mills Lock 19 Dam Replacement


For those who may have noticed increased traffic or possibly more noise near Lock 19’s Dam, please do not be too alarmed!  Scott’s Mills Dam at Lock 19 will soon undergo major reconstruction starting this spring. That’s right! The dam will be completely replaced to increase safety and to optimize hydraulic capacity, with added features that will allow pedestrian movement across the Otonabee River connecting Otonabee Ward 1 with Ashburnham Ward 4.

Councillors from both Wards 1 and 4 were recently invited to sit down with staff from Parks Canada to ask questions about the impact to their wards.  Staff were incredibly helpful explaining the project in great detail.  I was assured that one of my key concerns – environmental analysis – had been completed prior to construction to ensure that fish and wildlife mitigation measures would be implemented throughout the project.

The dam replacement is projected to commence this spring and may cause some increased traffic and noise. If you have any questions please visit the Parks Canada website for additional information and project related frequently asked questions and answers.  For up-to-date progress reports and other relevant information about the project, you can join a mailing list by contacting  and putting “Scotts Mills Dam” in the subject heading.  You will receive project updates as well as an invitation to an upcoming public information session.

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