Sharing My Decision on the 2022 Municipal Election

With 500 days to go before the next municipal election, I want to share that after much reflection, I’ve decided I will not run again in 2022.

It is a great privilege to represent the constituents of Otonabee Ward and I thank them for the opportunity. Please know that I will continue to work hard for you right up until the next election. 

Councillor Kim Zippel stands next to a large election sign on the evening of the election
I was honoured to learn that the citizens of Otonabee Ward 1 had elected me to represent them.

I’ve learned an incredible amount from my time on Council, about city capacity and resources, governance, and how to work within a very rigid system. The reason I ran was to encourage better planning and decision-making at the Council table, especially for residents of Otonabee Ward, and it has been an eye-opening experience. 

I’m proud of the initiatives that I have contributed to this term, including the creation of the Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee, directing development of a long-term capital financing plan, initiating the first municipal carbon offset, and being part of the first net-zero build for Fire Station 2. 

In my role on Council, I’ve also realized some personal ‘firsts’, including being the first Councillor to hire staff for much-needed support, using a website during my term to stay in touch with my ward and the public, and developing the #GoSlowPtbo speed reduction campaign to improve safety in neighbourhoods across the city.

For the most part, these initiatives were accomplished outside of City Hall. I’ve found that the municipal system and the way we have set it up in Peterborough does not provide the modern supports and resources that can help leaders thrive. The system is reactive and encourages competition, rather than collaboration. These observations are at the core of my decision to step back.  

I believe my energy, leadership, and commitment to building a better Peterborough will be more effective at the grassroots level, where I will continue to advocate for positive local change.

Woman in sari congratulates Councillor Zippel after the swearing in ceremony
Friend Sheila Patel joined me on the night of the swearing in ceremony at the main branch of the Peterborough library.

I do want to stay involved in politics by taking my experience and paying it forward, whether that means mentoring new and diverse candidates, pushing to improve the municipal system and make it better for the next generation, or being a sounding board for other community leaders.

That is why I’m making this decision public far in advance of the October 2022 election, so that  I can do my part to make space for and encourage new, progressive, and diverse voices to come to the Council table. There are so many wonderful people in Peterborough whose values and vision we need at the Council table.

Like a runner in a relay race, I’m ready to pass the baton. I’d love to share what I’ve learned and help keep Peterborough moving forward to a cleaner, greener, better future. If that is of interest, please reach out.

Thanks for reading,


7 thoughts on “Sharing My Decision on the 2022 Municipal Election”

  1. While I am sorry to read this, Kim you have laid out reasons for reform that every member and candidate and citizen should take to heart for the future.

    Thank you for serving and now for educating.

  2. Well done Kim. You will be missed. I’m a little disappointed to hear this as I believe you are one off the really good ones.

    Thanks for all your work and good luck in future endeavours.

  3. Kim you have truly been an advocate for a better Peterborough . You have been tremendously generous in taking all the time required to assist citizens. I know firsthand that has involved late evenings and weekends in addition to weekdays. It is disappointing to see someone of your calibre decide not to run again.

    However, in working with some City issues, I have been disappointed by the inflexibility of some at City Hall. I can imagine it must be even more frustrating for elected Councillors dealing with many issues.

    I know you will continue to do your best for our City for the remainder of your term and in whatever roles you play after the next election. You will be a loss to Peterborough.

  4. You have been such an amazing Councillor, leader and friend to many in our community Kim. And I know you’ll continue to do great things for the citizens of Peterborough, as well as all of the wild spaces that you’ve fought to protect. Your decision is a step in the right direction! Much love, Carlotta

  5. Kim you have been an amazing councillor, erudite, professional, thoughtful, focused, one of,
    if not the strongest one on council. This is a body blow to the body politik in Peterborough. Take a break, and know your leadership will serve wherever you decide to thrive. Jim

  6. Kim you have truly been a tremendous asset to the Council and especially our Ward. Your passion to learn and want to effect change is inspiring and your communication skills are to be envied.
    It is good that you have recognized where your talents can be most effective although we of course are disappointed that you are not running again.
    You have made important strides in a short time and I know that you will continue to do so in whatever other projects you decide to take on.

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