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Otonabee Ward: Site Rules for Commenting

I welcome your ideas and opinions, in fact, this is what is all about!

Community building will only succeed if you join the conversation. Respectful debate can play a huge role in crafting creative solutions to resolve tricky issues, or in making decisions that best serve the southend.

That being said, this is the internet and it’s wide open to everyone.  Therefore some ground rules are needed to keep the dialogue focused, civil, and informative and I ask that you please stick to the guidelines in the Comments Policy to prevent your comments from being edited, or deleted altogether. 

I do reserve the right to decide which comments violate the Comment Policy.

Comments Policy

Keep your comments on topic. If you want to move into a new area of discussion, the best way to change the topic is to write your own blog post and submit it to the email address listed on the Contact page.  Guest bloggers are most welcome!

Tackle issues, not people.  Any comments that bait, insult, provide private information, or otherwise harass, will be removed.  Please represent yourself and avoid the temptation to comment under multiple names.

Be transparent, and use only facts to support your opinion; don’t spread rumours.  There is limited capacity at to fact check, so avoid intentionally vague or misleading statements that could cause your comments to be deleted.  It is very helpful to include links to other articles to further inform readers, but, in order to steer clear of copyright infringement, do not copy and include portions of someone else’s work in your comments.

Catching Inappropriate Comments

It’s anticipated that keeping up with blog comments will be the most time consuming aspect of maintaining this site. Inevitably, I will miss something inappropriate before you read it, and therefore apologize in advance, and ask for your help in policing this website to prevent this from happening.

If you find a comment in violation of the comment policy, please contact me: Contact 

Thank you!

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