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Fresh voices keep the conversation lively and engaging.  And the exciting thing about this website is that it is a super opportunity to get ideas about content from your neighbours, and I really hope that you do.  

Here’s what to do:

If you have a story, poem, or issue you would like to share in a post with your community, please read the Writers’ Guidelines, and reference our Contact page before submitting.

Let Tegan know if you want to be connected with others to work on an issue, or if you need help working on your community project (please see People, Projects and Places at the bottom of this post), and we’ll encourage others to connect with you.

Writers’ Guidelines

Since I am new at this whole blogging thing, this section will be brief. As myself and my team gain experience we will update the guidelines, so be sure to check this section prior to putting your blood, sweat and tears into your work!


In a nutshell: casual.  This is a conversation with your community and not a technical journal, so you can keep it chatty, interactive and easy to read.   To that end we suggest you avoid jargon, and if you have to use acronyms, FYI (for your interest), define them.  And don’t be afraid to engage your community by asking questions; we believe that the answers will come from folks living nearby – who better to know what you’re talking about and to have already put some thought into it!

Short versus long; it depends on what you have to say.  We hesitate to trap any writers within a minimum and maximum word count zone.  But we do suggest being concise with your points to avoid undue editing, and we will provide lots of leeway for pictures as sometimes showing, rather than telling, is more effective.

Footnotes are not necessary, but do give credit were it is due if you decide to use a direct quote.  To avoid issues with copyright infringement, please link out to supporting articles, but don’t copy and paste parts of articles into your post: please see links at the bottom of this section.


Topics are wide open with the only criteria being relevance to Otonabee Ward (ward boundaries will soon be available on our home page map).

Pictures are fun, but not necessary.  

Civility is a must.  Similar to our comments policy, we will not accept any posts that bait, insult, provide private information, support stereotypes or are discriminatory to any group.  If you choose to write about an issue that concerns you, that’s great and likely very interesting to others in Otonabee Ward, but tackle the issue and not individuals.

Be factual.  Our editing capacity is limited, therefore we ask that you avoid generalities and unsupported assertions.  If you know something to be true, tell your audience how you know it to be so.

Provide context.  This site is intended to publish a broad range of public viewpoints on a variety of topics.  To help readers follow your post, provide them with some background so that everyone is on  the same page – pun intended.

Links (helpful, but not a must)

Providing links that help broaden a discussion, support your opinion, or educate your audience on your topic, are really helpful.  Please provide a very brief description of your link, why it is relevant to your post and the exact URL.  We will include the links at the end of your post

People, Projects and Places 

This is a neat way to highlight what we like best about our community, and to honour the people who contribute their time and skills to make these projects and wonderful places possible.

You can start the process by identifying your favourite places or structures in Otonabee Ward on the map on our home page.  Instructions for using the map are in the sidebar of the home page (please note that for obvious reasons of privacy, the map is not intended for people i.e., don’t highlight a personal residence on the map).  

Then provide us with a brief description, and photos if you have them at: Contact @OtonabeeWard.


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