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How to Use the Map

Otonabee Ward Interactive Asset Mapping

The map of Otonabee Ward is meant to be interactive, fun & easy to use.  Black markers indicate the boundaries of the ward and you can place your own markers on the map to describe & publicly share places & projects you feel are important.  

Please note that all markers are submitted to, and approved, by our editor prior to appearing on the map. Once your marker is submitted, an email will be forwarded with your request & you will see a message at the top of the map informing that your marker is awaiting approval.  Please be patient.

Mobile Devices

If you are viewing the  site on a tablet, or cell phone, you can still submit a marker by entering the exact address of the marker location.  Please stay tuned for upgrades that will allow map markers to be generated using your touch screen. 

Map Features

The map can be enlarged or minimized without losing the black ward boundary markers.  The ward will appear at the centre of the map whenever you enter the site, or return to the home page – if you wish to re-centre the map simply refresh the page using your browser.  If you have created a marker, but haven’t submitted it yet, refreshing the page will remove the marker for you.

Green Map Marker  The Good: Mark the places and projects that make Otonabee Ward special.  

Yellow Map Marker  The Bad: Mark areas that need fixing, or where a new feature or community service could be located.

red map marker  The Ugly: Mark areas that really concern you & need to be addressed with high priority.

 Blue Map Marker  For Your Interest: A general category. 

You can also email us a photo of your location & we will add the photo to your marker.  And if you want to say more we encourage you to submit a blog post- see Guest Bloggers – and submit it to the address on our Contact page; we will link your marker to your blog story.

Otonabee Ward 1